Interesting Facts!

Fact #1


The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

Born 25 July 1805, Scotland. He was just a grocer, selling all kinds of alcohol but his own private label whisky gained him the recognition he deserved. In 1833, John married to Elizabeth Purves, who later gave birth to their son, Alexander Walker. They had face ups & downs which was caused by floods in 1852, damaging their entire stocks. All these took 2 years to rebuild the business back and the popularity of his signature blend continue to grow until his death in 1857. Alexander took over the business and created a distribution network that ship John’s whisky worldwide & the first copyright blend, “Old Highland Whisky” hit the shelves in 1867. It’s a direct ancestor of what we called it today – “Johnnie Walker Black Label”. The story goes on, adding the Blue, Gold, Double Black & Platinum label on the line. Respect. 👍🏻

Fact #2


Corona by the Beach.

One of the healthiest beer that you should be drinking! It has only 99 calories & the key accessory to this perfect drink is a lime.
→ Lime packs a lot of vitamin C which is an added boost to your health. Cheers! 🍻

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